Day 2 through 6 of Inktober - 'Tranquil', 'Roasted', 'Spell', 'Chicken' and 'Drooling'

Putting all these together in one post here as I keep forgetting to update blogger!!
Inktober Prompts Days 2- 6

'Spell' Vampire
💀 *think of this one as a prequel to the previous pic above* 💀

'Roasted' Vampire

'Tranquil' Vampire

'Chicken' Vampire

'Drooling' Vampire

I went part time at my previously full time job the exact same day that inktober started so I've been making something everyday since then. Today is going to be the 7th day now and my topic is gonna be 'Exhausted'! It is a lot of work drawing something and feeling good enough about it to post it at the end of the day, but I think this is good for me to get back into things and refresh all of my work.

Happy October!! - Liz