Summer is Awesome!

Thought I'd update on what I've been doing lately since school has been out! Right now, I'm on a big nostalgia binge of old drawings digging through and organizing the external. (The usual trigger to update the blog) I found some 3D stuff I made in highschool and freshman year, (worked on two more projects this past semester) so I think it would be fun to compile that together in a nice 3D-related post.

I'm working at the library close to full-time, keeping up with the summer theater releases with my buddy, Bram and getting ready for background work on Robot Dad. I just recently got a California Spangled Cat from my talented sister-in-law so he's been entertaining the apartment with his restlessness. (And scratching the couch... >:( )

Hoping to do some serious posting this summer!
(remind me to stop posting cat-related stuff)